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Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Beate T. Dotterweich


Areas of work: Business and green technology expert

In 1997 she immigrated to Bali and founded with her local husband several businesses in the tourism sector. Since 2001 she is an Indonesian citizen and due to her long-term work experience, capable and in a position to assist and support you in planning and establishing your own business. One of her strengths is to envision the overall concept of your operating plan. As an engineer of Horticulture, Beate is also a specialist in green business matters. She installed in her own business wastewater systems, has a state-of the-art knowledge in handling recyclable goods in Bali and composting. As an ex-General Manager in the Hotel Industry and more than 20 years of hospitality experience in Bali, she is the perfect “test person” for your Hotel, Villa, and Restaurant.

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Ni Nyoman Sinta Jhistari S.T

Sustainable Business Consultant

Areas of work: Admin; Private and business consulting and green technology

Sinta has a bachelor’s degree from the Industrial Engineering Department of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya. She specialised in the field of Ergonomics and Design Work System. As an Industrial Engineering student, she also came 3rd position in a National Youth Innovation Competition in 2017. The competition is about the Green Technologies, where Sinta designed an online based application for banana peels collectors to then use them for biogas production. She also acted for one year as the course coordinator of Design and Development Products. After she graduated, she has been working at one of the governmental Banks as a Relationship Manager for Small Credits. With that experience, Sinta has expertise in the field of finance analysis and administration.

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Made Aryandi Singa Gothama, S.H.

Junior Legal Consultant

Andi has a law degree from Udayana University Denpasar. During his studies, he studied Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law. As a law student, he also has knowledge of business law, employment law, drafting company regulations, and contract drafting. Andi also has a deep interest in the real estate business. After he graduated, he worked as an admin for the Shipping Services Company. This experience gave him expertise in administration and data entry.

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Kadek Suartama Sanjaya, S.E.

Accounting Staff

Kadek Sanjaya is a graduate of Economics at the Ganesha University of Education. He has knowledge in accounting and company management as well as several accounting systems. He also has experience working as a part of the finance accounting team in one of the largest retail companies in Bali.

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Nyoman Tirtawan

Business Consultant

Served as Member of the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) of Bali Province for the 2014-2019 period. He is known as the "Savior” of people's or state money because he saved Rp. 98 billion in Bali Province Regional Budget funds (APBD) by fighting for efficiency and transparency in the 2018 Bali Gubernatorial Election budget. Tirtawan is our consultant for special cases involving "big power" for individuals or businesses.

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