Meet Our Professional Team

Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Beate T. Dotterweich


Areas of work: Business and green technology expert

In 1997 she immigrated to Bali and founded with her local husband several businesses in the tourism sector. Since 2001 she is an Indonesian citizen and due to her long-term work experience, capable and in a position to assist and support you in planning and establishing your own business. One of her strengths is to envision the overall concept of your operating plan. As an engineer of Horticulture, Beate is also a specialist in green business matters. She installed in her own business wastewater systems, has a state-of the-art knowledge in handling recyclable goods in Bali and composting. As an ex-General Manager in the Hotel Industry and more than 20 years of hospitality experience in Bali, she is the perfect “test person” for your Hotel, Villa, and Restaurant.

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Dr. Verena Streitferdt

Green finance/ sustainable energy policy consultant

Areas of work: Sustainable energy transitions and green technology

Verena has over 10 years of work and research experience in the field of development cooperation especially on the topics of energy/climate policy, sustainable energy policy/climate financing and urban governance in the South East Asian context. In her PhD research she explored in how far the public sector can assist to optimise energy efficiency finance initiatives by analysing in-depth two energy efficiency finance programmes, one focused on ESCOs and one on banks. Due to her previous work on efficient resource management in Indonesia and as a business developer for the German technology firm ERK GmbH she has become familiar with green technology. Owing to her vast network in SEA she not only has access to chambers of commerce as well as the local private sector but can also link to development assistance. She is also a RENAC certified Green Finance specialist.

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Julia Rahmi

Legal advisory and green finance consultant

Areas of work: Sustainable energy transitions

Julia has over 12 years of work experience in public and private sector related to law and finance. She has background in Law, majoring in Business Law, Global Environmental Law and International Climate Change Law. Her experience as a lawyer in Law Firms and as a legal person in public offices in Indonesia makes her proficient in Indonesian legal practice. While working for Indonesia Investment Agency (IIA) for more than 5 years, Julia helped designing a finance mechanism for green projects such as hydro power, biomass power, solar power, and geothermal power. After IIA, working for the Fund Management Agency for Sustainable Palm Oil, she handles all legal related work from drafting contracts, drafting internal regulations, set up governance infrastructure and implementation, while also taking part in risk management team for the agency.

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Gede Agus Dirgayusa

Assistant to business and green technology consultant

Area of work: Business and green technology

Dirga has 3 years experiences as a field officer of a Yayasan (Non Profit Organization). As a field officer his role is to build and maintenance the bridge between parties involved in the social projects of the NGO, such as: local communities, private sectors, local government and donors. A strong and clear relationship between the parties is vital for the success of the projects. His unique role gave him a solid basis to the public relations and wide yet growing network. Combined with his background as an IT graduate, make him reliable for accurate information.

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Ni Nyoman Sinta Jhistari S.T

Administrator/assistant to green technology

Areas of work: Admin; Private and business consulting and green technology

Sinta has a bachelor’s degree from the Industrial Engineering Department of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya. She specialised in the field of Ergonomics and Design Work System. As an Industrial Engineering student, she also came 3rd position in a National Youth Innovation Competition in 2017. The competition is about the Green Technologies, where Sinta designed an online based application for banana peels collectors to then use them for biogas production. She also acted for one year as the course coordinator of Design and Development Products. After she graduated, she has been working at one of the governmental Banks as a Relationship Manager for Small Credits. With that experience, Sinta has expertise in the field of finance analysis and administration.

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Vornalita Pelsa Sambalao S.Sos

Assistant to Pertiwi Consulting

Area of work: Business/private consulting; admin

Elsa has 5 years experiences in early education of children and 11 years in Customer/Client services. In Children education her role was to lead the team and teaching kids Bahasa and English and other basic skills. In client services her role is to handle local and international clients from preliminary enquiries up until completion of the assignments. Further, she maintained and nurtured the relationships between different stakeholders form local communities, private sectors, and local government. Handling administrative paperwork and other office duties is also another area she has worked in. With her background as an Mass Communication graduate and years of experience with local and International clients she is a great asset to Pertiwi-Consulting in our contact with our clients.

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Maya Virdayanti Anggraini S.T., M.Sc.,

Expert Assistant & Waste Management Consultant

Area of work: Green Technology

Maya has a deep interest in understanding how people perceived nature and what factors could make them take actions toward protecting it. It made her do voluntary campaigns on waste and environmental awareness in schools and communities in the city she lived, and later on, established a zero-waste organization with some friends. During the master thesis, she sought the ‘secrets’ of some grassroots groups who consistently practice sustainable lifestyles on a daily basis, and used the findings for improving the Development Planning. Nowadays, she is keen to learn more about how to transform the future generation’s mindset and behavior toward sustainable practices. Maya has over 10-year experience in environmental areas, mainly on Climate Change Policy. She is a graduate in the Regional Development Planning and Management from the Technische Universität Dortmund and Universidad Austral de Chile, while also holding a bachelor in Environmental Engineering from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya.

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